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Copper Bond

Ground Rod (UL)

Kumwell Copper Bond Ground Rod , Research and Development at laboratory of K.M.L Technology Company Limited meets the requirement of the world’s the most rigorous standards. UL467
Ground rods are made by molecularly bonding process 99.9%purity electrolytic copper onto a high tensile low carbon steel cores to ensure a perfect and even bonding between the steel and copper. The copper layer whose minimum thickness is 254 microns. Standard size diameter being the most popular used 1/2” , 5/8”, 3/4” ,1”.
The standard length range from 4' up to 10' Ground rods. Are also available in the sectional type with the same length and diameters above. These sectional rods are threaded on. both ends to allow rod-to-rod
connection by use the couplings. Special diameter and length can be requested.


Kumwell powder type KW application for grounding system make a permanent connection between the copper wire & the ground components such as rods , rebar , busbar etc. has test meets to standards.

  • UL 467 (Grounding and Bonding Equipment)
  • IEEE std 837-2002 (Standard for qualifying Permanent Connections used in Substation Grounding)